Stress Therapy

We Want to Help You Find Balance Again

We’ve noticed two big myths about stress. The first is that stress is not a big deal. The second is that stress is unbeatable. We refuse to accept those myths.

Stress Therapy

Stress is a big deal. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death. At Morning Light Christian Counseling, we want to be at the forefront of preventing the devastation of stress by using practical techniques to help you experience the relief you need to really enjoy life.

Balance is attainable. We see people find balance on a daily basis at Morning Light Christian Counseling. We know that we can beat stress because we see it through our passionate counselors and practical tools.

Who Can Benefit

At Morning Light Christian Counseling, we set attainable goals and use evidence-based, practical tools to help you conquer stress. If you desire to incorporate those tools from a Christian perspective, we are equipped to help you in that way as well.  Some of those tools include:

  • Practical Self-Care Techniques: Self-care is essential to overcoming and managing stress. Our therapists offer tools that can help you experience balance and peace. Many Christians are opposed to self-care, arguing that it seems self-absorbed. We find that when self-care is done well it is the least selfish practice imaginable. We want to help you care for yourself in a way that honors the person you were created to be (in the image of God), so you are able to serve God and others well.  

Stress Therapy
  • Personal and Professional Boundaries: Whether your stress is work or family-related, we want to help you identify the root of that stress and help you set boundaries that honor your health, the health of those around you, and your beliefs. We often compare boundaries to an interstate: fast and useful if the proper rules are in place, slow and terrible without rules.
  • Tools to Process Pain Fueling Stress: If you’ve experienced a big life change or a hurt that is fueling poor self-care or boundaries, we know that you may need some extra help to process those hurts. Our therapists offer compassionate methods to identify those difficulties and work through them, breaking patterns of stress in your life.

We Help You Find Relief

Maybe your plate is just too full. Maybe you’ve had a big life change. Maybe you’ve had a big loss.  Whatever the cause, we know that you need relief and we want to help you find it.  

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Do You Still Have Questions?

Do You Still Have Questions?

Do You Still Have Questions?

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