Marraige Counseling

We Support Couples Before, During, and After Marriage Gets Tough

We offer unbiased support and research-based solutions to help you communicate better and safely work through the pain that is keeping your relationship stuck.

Whether you are a married couple, a married individual, or an engaged couple, we want to help you achieve the marriage you desire.

Marriage Counseling

We Offer Tools and Solutions

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. This means we aren’t just going to sit back, listen, and sip our coffee as you hash out your problems on your own. We are going to lean in and partner with you to get the tools that fit your unique circumstances.

  • SYMBIS: SYMBIS stands for “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.” Our therapists are certified SYMBIS Facilitators and are passionate about using this practical, research-based assessment to help couples achieve lifelong love. This tool is great for pre-engaged, engaged, and newlywed couples to start their marriage off well.
  • Gottman: Our therapists each have training in Gottman’s proven method to help couples resolve conflict. This training helps our therapists identify toxic patterns in your relationship and help you repair those patterns effectively.
  • Prepare-Enrich: Prepare-Enrich has been called “the global standard” for premarital and marital counseling. With it's personalized assessment and practical tools, our therapists are trained facilitators and use this tool to help couples build or rebuild the relationship they desire.  
Marriage Counseling

We Help You Work Through the Pain

You’ve read the books. You’ve listened to the podcasts. You’ve used the tools. Yet, your marriage still isn’t where you want it to be.

At Morning Light Christian Counseling, we aren’t satisfied with mediocrity. Through years of walking with couples through painful circumstances and poor communication, we’ve learned that it isn’t enough to give you practical tools to help your marriage. It is just as important to walk with you through the pain and hurt.

Using evidence-based approaches, we seek to help you process the pain and give it the attention it needs to move on and heal from past hurts.

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Do You Still Have Questions?

Do You Still Have Questions?

Do You Still Have Questions?

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