Clinic Policy

At Morning Light Christian Counseling, we believe in excellence. We want you to experience the best care possible. The following is a statement of our Clinic Policy, designed to enhance your experience. This policy applies to all our counseling services.

Client Registration

After scheduling your initial appointment, your therapist will send you an individual link to an online portal. It is important to complete your paperwork before you arrive to your first appointment. If you have questions regarding your paperwork, please reach out to your individual therapist.

Client Reminders

Our therapists use automated reminders as a courtesy. However, you are responsible for writing down your appointment time and making it to the appointment, regardless of receiving the reminder. If the you do not receive a reminder for a scheduled appointment, it is recommended to reach out to your individual therapist. If you do not wish to receive automated reminders, you can inform your individual therapist or change the settings on your online portal.

Missed Appointments

A missed appointment is a scheduled appointment in which you do not show and do not provide at least 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment time. You will be responsible for the entirety of the session cost for a missed appointment unless otherwise determined by the therapist. You will not be charged for a missed appointment if it is a weather-related cancellation.

Late Arrival to Appointments

Because counseling is based on 45-60 minute time slots, it is important to arrive on time to your appointment. It is unlikely your therapist will be able to allow you to make up the time you missed if you are late to your appointment. It is also possible clients using insurance may be required to pay a fee for late arrivals. Please let your therapist know if you are running late to your appointment.

Waiting Room Etiquette

We do not have a receptionist at Morning Light Christian Counseling, which means you will make yourself comfortable in the waiting room until your therapist comes out to get you for your appointment. Your therapist will work to be on time to each appointment, but please text or call your individual therapist if he or she is not in the waiting room fifteen minutes after your scheduled appointment. Please be respectful of others working in session by remaining quiet in the waiting room while you enjoy complimentary refreshments.


We love children at Morning Light Christian Counseling; however, children are not to be left unattended in any part of our facilities. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to keep all children quiet while others are receiving services. The parent or guardian is also responsible for any damage done to Morning Light Christian Counseling’s property.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Therapists accept cash, check, credit card, or HSA/FSA cards. Therapists are responsible for their own billing and may choose to charge an additional fee to use a card. If choosing to pay with cash, exact change may be required.

Returned Check Fee

A $50.00 fee will be charged for all checks returned due to insufficient funds.

Insurance Coverage

Some therapists at Morning Light accept some forms of insurance. If using insurance benefits, your therapist will work with you to verify your benefits as quickly as possible. You will then be informed of your co-pay and deductible. Your therapist will collect your co-pay at the time of service and will then bill your health insurance carrier directly for services rendered. Once the claim is processed by your insurance, you will be billed (or refunded if necessary) for any remaining balance owed. If you change or add an insurance policy, you must inform your therapist and provide your new insurance card prior to your appointment. Any balances not paid by your insurance carrier are your responsibility and payment is due upon receipt of your billing statement.

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