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We are ​Morning Light Christian Counseling and we bring hope to individuals, couples, and families in the Oklahoma City Metro. We believe in providing the highest quality counseling, using proven counseling techniques, and offering a uniquely Christian counseling perspective as desired. 

We are Christian professional counselors uniquely trained to help integrate spiritual and emotional health from a Christian perspective for those of Christian faith. We value all humans and gladly see people that believe in Jesus and people that do not believe in Jesus.

We seek to treat each person with compassion, and we refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to caring for people. We started this practice because we want to give our community a resource for professional counseling from a biblical worldview, and we believed both were possible with our unique training and experience. ​

​At ​Morning Light Christian Counseling, we are excited to see how God increases our opportunity to serve the OKC metro as more therapists join our practice.  We would be honored to schedule an appointment with you to begin your journey to hope.  Please call us at (405) 664-3960 or fill out our online form today.


Four Easy Ways to Listen to Your Teenager Better

Ashamed, I avoided eye contact with the teacher and pretended to not pay attention.  It was easier to pretend I wasn’t listening than to acknowledge the truth.

I did not want to admit that I couldn’t read as well as my other classmates.  I felt behind and stupid. Each time I had to read aloud, my face felt hot and my palms began to sweat.  How would I ever be able to read?

Everything changed when one teacher took the time to really help me.  She began using a different curriculum and I immediately started to get the hang of reading.  She believed I could read, equipped me to do so, and told me I was doing a good job. That teacher’s empowerment made all the difference to my first-grade self. 

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Do You Still Have Questions?

​Do You Still Have Questions?

Do You Still Have Questions?

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